is independent business consulting company, focusing on telecom and IT convergence.

It aims to bring Telecom and IT closer to each other.


Sometimes is seems that everybody knows what is the right way.
As soon as you step into it, you may realize that old means of transportation (read: old business models)
will not get you there (read: new markets). Even if proper direction is set, success is not guaranteed.

That is why Caliente is focused on execution, rather than strategy.


Wide range of strategic options are at your disposal, it’s up to you to pick the right business model.

By following of such approach, your company can achieve many direct and indirect benefits, such as greater IT tools adoption, cost optimization, business process improvements, alignment of IT goals with overall business strategy etc.


We consult both IT vendors and end customers of IT solutions.
In both cases, our task is to align business goals with IT enabled support on different levels – strategy, processes and technology framework.

Business consulting to end consumers of IT services helps customers to recognize and utilize full potential of IT solutions.
By optimizing enterprise architecture framework, helping customer in software selection process or developing IT strategy, our task is to increase ROI metrics on existing IT investments or to help you to identify business needs and map them to IT requirements.
Main focus of our services is convergence it IT and business goals, what is requirement for all further IT planning tasks in domain of CRM implementation – where we step in with development of internal CRM strategy as framework for all further technology initiatives.


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